People often ask how Kim and Tom started Habitat Works...

We were both active volunteers in Southern California's natural areas, and had a deep interest in local ecology and wildlife issues.  It was, and still is important to take action to improve the situation, especially if there could be a direct benefit to declining species and native habitats.  

There were many opportunities to write our congressman, write a check for a cause, or attend a meeting.  But we wanted to do something, on the ground, in the habitat where improvements needed to be made.  And we found many others wanted to Do Something too, people who were ready for hands-on action with tangible results.  Habitat Works is our personal commitment to helping people connect to unique opportunities, having fun in the out of doors, making a real difference in Southern California's wildlands.

Habitat improvements are all we do, with an emphasis on simplicity.  We work with local volunteers, strongly encourage carpooling, and use low-impact techniques in accomplishing our objectives.  We know that stewardship too has an eco/carbon footprint, and we strive to keep ours as small as possible.  

We host single day events, weekend campouts and backpacking trips in Southern California’s National Forests, private preserves, State Parks, National Wildlife Refuges and urban interface areas.  

We would love to meet and work with you!  Pick a project that interests you and come out with us!  Take home the sense of satisfaction from accomplishing something important.  It's volunteers like you that make the difference!




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Habitat Works
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