Projects Manager for Habitat Works

Tom is a co-founder of Habitat Works, and has
been leading volunteer projects since our inception in 2003.    
began his work in wilderness stewardship as a volunteer naturalist in 1987, leading nature walks and working in wilderness restoration projects in the Santa Monica Mountains. From 1999 through 2006 he was the Mountain Forestry Manager of the Los Angeles-based TreePeople organization, generating dozens of volunteer conservation projects each year, and building working relationships with resource managers in Southern California's national forests, state and municipal parks and private nature preserves.
       His mission to strengthen the tradition of wilderness stewardship is driven and enriched by a lifelong interest and love for people and the natural world. He brings enthusiasm and energy to this work, inspiring and educating those who have the pleasure of working with him.

      He presently lives in Altadena, California, at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains, and provides natural horticultural services and beautiful organic gardens for humans and wildlife. 






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Habitat Works of Southern California.
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